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Water Resources

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Kramer Consulting, LLC is dedicated to providing our clients with innovative, yet cost-effective design for a variety of water projects. Our team is dedicated to provide clean, safe, potable drinking water to communities while working with clients to determine what goals they would like to achieve. Whether you need a new system, improvements to your existing system, or require expansion - we can help you develop a cost-effective solution!

Water Booster Station

We offer a wide variety of water resources engineering. Listed below are typical projects we offer professional services for, including new and upgrades or improvements to each:

  • Water Supply

  • Water Treatment Plants

  • Water Transmission Lines

  • Distribution Systems

  • Storage Tanks & Towers

  • System Models & Mapping

  • Hydraulic Analysis

  • Preliminary Engineering Reports & Studies

  • Funding Assistance with Loans & Grants

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Water Treatment Plant

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