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Aerial & Ground Mapping Services

FAA Part 107 Certified and Insured!

Wastewater Lagoon, Wastewater Treatment Facility, WWTF, Drone, UAS, sUAS, UAV, Ortho, Orthomosiac, High Resolution

Existing Wastewater Lagoon Orthomosiac

- High Resolution

- Cost Effective

- Easy to Access

From ground survey data, to aerial data and imagery, to development - we can help to streamline all aspects of your needs! 

Let our highly trained, properly certified, and professionally licensed Engineers, Surveyors and Pilots help you! Our data can help with a multitude of projects, including, but not limited to:

  • Orthomosiac mapping (accurate, scaled and high resolution maps)

  • Contour information & topography

  • Wastewater collection, pumping and treatment systems

  • Roadway construction and intersections

  • Water mains, valves, hydrants and appurtenances 

      - Intersections or locations with multitude of valves, hydrants and              appurtenances for referencing real-time location

  • Water treatment facilities 

  • House construction

  • Aerial plot of property

  • Landscaping

  • Site layout & planning

  • Right of Way

  • As-Built

  • Quantity take-off for earthwork

  • Watershed mapping

  • Hydrology 

  • Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB), i.e. - Blue-Green Algae, tracking

  • Construction timelapse (high resolution maps overlay from daily/weekly/monthly progress)

  • Asset Management

  • Area and Volume Measurements

  • Earthwork Quantities

  • Hydrographic Surveys

  • PPK precision without Ground Control Points is also available

                 ..... And More! 

We can also provide aerial photographs and videos of anything you can imagine. Contact us today to see how we can fit your needs!

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