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Lagoon Sludge Removal, Civil Engineering Design, Kramer Consulting, LLC

Kramer Consulting, LLC works with clients to determine what the needs and goals are for their specific project - whether they are in violation of effluent limitations, or they need infrastructure improvements - we can offer assistance. 

Lagoon Sludge Removal

From new facilities, to improvements to your existing - we can help! TV inspection & cleaning and rehabilitation projects are our specialty. Listed below are typical types of projects we can help you with:

  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities

  • Collection System

  • Pumping Lift Stations

  • Interceptor Sewers

  • Infiltration & Inflow Studies

  • Flow Monitoring - Base Flow, Wet Weather, etc.

  • System Models & Mapping

  • Preliminary Engineering Reports & Studies

  • Funding Assistance with Loans & Grants

Lagoon Riprap, Civil Engineering Design, Kramer Consulting, LLC

Lagoon Riprap

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