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Streets & Drainage

Channel riprap, Civil Engineering Design, Kramer Consulting, LLC

Kramer Consulting, LLC can help determine where water is coming from and where is should go. Channel clearing and shaping projects, along with culvert and street design has allowed us to convey storm water to divert it where it belongs. Let us help you with your street and drainage design today!

Channel Improvements

Replacing culverts, repairing streets, clearing, grubbing and channel improvements are all necessary projects to meet drainage requirements. Here is a short list of a broader spectrum of services we offer design:

  • Street Design

  • Culverts

  • Parking Lots

  • Overlays

  • Walking Trails

  • Hydrology

  • Storm Drainage & Conveyance

  • Stormwater Modeling & Design

  • Detention & Retention Ponds

  • Dam Design

  • Drainage Reports

  • Preliminary Engineering Reports & Studies

Pavement, Street, Civil Engineering Design, Kramer Consulting, LLC

Pavement Design

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